Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In Memory of my Sweet Boston Terriers

I recently just lost my Boston Terrier Iffy who was 16 years old. We loved so much! As any Boston Terrier owner will tell you Bostons are incredibly smart and affectionate dogs. They are marvelously in tune with human emotions! This is dedicated to my late Boston Terriers Iffy and Ladybug. I didn't make this movie but I am grateful to those who did because it captures Boston Terrier's personalities so perfectly!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sleeping in a museum, well almost......

 I am a ARMY wife and so I occasionally travel with my husband to ARMY events. I was invited(required) to attend a Yellow Ribbon Event in Dallas Texas last spring. We were stunned that we would be attending our Yellow Ribbon Event at the Dallas Hilton Anatole. First of all, this hotel is for lack of a better word, gorgeous! This is because during our stay the hotel was exhibiting a massive and beautiful collection of Asian Art. It is the closest I have ever come to sleeping in a museum! I am a big history nerd and so this hotel stay was for me was a dream come true.

Pink jade statue
The art collection was magnificent and gave the hotel a zen atmosphere, at least until the rest of the military folks arrived... Since my husband an I arrived a night early for Yellow Ribbon we took advantage of the peace and quiet  to look at the collections of the hotel. In fact, once we took our bags to the hotel room we stayed up until about 3am admiring the art collections even though we were exhausted from travel.

Section of the Berlin Wall
These art collections were so impressive and so extensive. Some art was fairly modern being made within the last 5 or 10 years. Some displays were hundreds of years old and probably were displays in an ancient palace. There was even a modern art instillation set hovering from the ceiling over the lobby area.
 The hotel lobby which was decorated as a zen garden with tranquil pools, subdued lighting and garden statues accented with the sounds of trickling water. Who knew a hotel lobby could be so incredibly relaxing?! Staying at this hotel was an enchanting and very relaxing experience despite the military's attempt to turn it into a karaoke bar.            
     The only downsides to this hotel were the lack of places to find food and its distance from downtown Dallas. Since this stay my husband and I have felt spoiled because of the delightful experience we had at the Dallas Hilton Anatole. Their event planning was superb and the hotel staff were professional and obliging.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Adventures in big Texas

     Occasionally as an ARMY wife my husband's employment takes me to new locations with him. I have never been to Texas but I was able to see Dallas while attending Yellow Ribbon Event for the military. I was very excited to see Texas! I wanted to see cowboys, rodeos, armadillos, etc. Unfortunately we did not see a whole lot of uniquely Texan things in Dallas Texas. Come on, I am from Utah! I want to see an armadillo riding a bull! What we did get to do was eat some really expensive barbecue, see where JFK was assassinated (Eek), and we went to the Dallas World Aquarium.
Yes that is a crab. I huge crab!
  The Dallas World Aquarium was a fun surprise! Really it is more of an aviary and even a zoo at times but it was awesome! I am a pretty big snob about aquariums because I have been a member of the Monterey Bay aquarium in Monterey California since its opening. However, I recommended to all the military families to go and visit the zoo because my husband and I loved it so much. Many of the exotic birds just flew right around our heads and we viewed a sloth from inches away! Personally I think sloths are so cute so this was a big highlight for me.
    The Dallas World Aquarium is designed like different areas of a rain forest and as you go into the other levels of the zoo represent different ecosystems. The transition into the different ecosystems was so cool and it keeps the visitor interested. There were exhibitions of spiders, alligators, cuttlefish, amazing birds of prey, and an awesome shark tanks that you walk through. My only complaint was that it closed at 5pm so we really had to rush through the zoo to see everything. The pictures aren't the best but I hope they show how cool the Dallas World Aquarium is.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What to do when a Military Spouse is Bullied for Depression?

Unfortunately Military bullying for depression is still going on inside the Military. Despite the record high's for Military Service Members  being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, it appears that Military Service Members and being persecuted the most by each other.
  I have a dear friend who has had a spouse that has been bullied relentlessly in Afghanistan for depression and PTSD. Fortunately he was able to return home but not without a significant amount of harassment.  I want to make this very clear for anyone going through this problem; bullying, negligence, and harassment of military members is unacceptable in the military. This is a subject that anyone in the military has had drilled into their heads time after time NOT to do. This is a gigantic no-no! There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for that kind of behavior in the military!
   So what do you do when it does happen? First of all, do not be intimidated. The military is not above the law and you can prosecute. Even if your loved one fears that they will be persecuted more you need to keep going. In fact, if they are treated worse this is something that needs to be documented and recorded. Second, this is a big one, go above their heads. What I mean by this is do not contact supervisor's of your military loved one, contact Congressional Representatives. Why? Because Congressional Representatives depend on your vote. If they are not representing the needs of the people they are not getting re-elected. Military money comes from the Federal Government and it can be cut off in the form of military jobs. So please contact these representatives or even your congressman. Third, be bold! Do not be afraid to let the military know that you will be a loud thorn in the military's side. You have the freedom of speech and you should not be afraid to use it!
   I have used these methods and they do work. It is so important for military spouses to understand that they are their own greatest advocate. You must fight for your rights! Attend any military seminar and you will be told the same thing. So in conclusion, please do not give up. You have the power to fight back and the military cannot touch you!
  Here are some resources that will hopefully help you in your military life!

Monday, August 27, 2012

An Ode to Mystery Science Theater 3000

I love the show "Mystery Science Theater 3000"! I have found that when I am really stressed this show hits the spot. It is very clever and funny! For those of you readers who are not familiar with the show the cast members watch horrible B-Movies and make fun of them. It is the perfect mix of nerdy and flat out hilarious! If you ever need a laugh, this is a great show to turn to.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Christmas does not come in October...

       I was at a craft store today and I witnessed a horrible disease that has been afflicting retailers for the last couple of years. Annoying Early Marketing for Holiday Items, AEMHI. It is a horrible and brain killing disease that is spreading through large retail chains. The most common symptom of the disease is putting holiday items out for sale at least 3 months before the actual holiday.
      It seems that retailers thought that they weren't being pushy enough so they put seasonal items in stores way ahead of schedule. This is irritating. I could not find summer items today because all the summer items were on clearance. This is June! What is worse is that Halloween items are already being stocked up in the shelves! I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday but enough is enough! I cannot find find Christmas Ornaments at the beginning of December because they sold out in October! Do millions of consumers really shop for Chanukah candles and little green leprechauns at the same time? Of course not, that is because leprechaun paraphernalia is only sold on Flag Day...
    How can we, as a people tell retailers that we will not buy more items just because they are pushed on us earlier and earlier each year? Get immunized from AEMHI early everyone, preferably last year...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Same Blog New Title

I have had to give my blog a new name since I haven't used it in so long! For some reason I can't post on my old blog so this is my new blog and my new look. I hope that readers are able to get some ideas and amusement maybe even some help from this blog! I have fun working on it and I hope that it is an enjoyable read!